Break a Leg

Tonight was the night. She had the lead role in her play “Beauty and the Beast.” She was going to be playing Bell. She was so nervous, but she was also excited. She had never expected to get the role of Bell. She for sure thought this other girl that had gotten most of the other lead roles throughout the year would. She had been practicing really hard though and now that work had paid off. The role of the beast was being played by her crush and she didn’t want anything to go wrong. She had invited her mom and dad to come and watch. They were so proud of her too. She got them tickets right in the front row. She had practiced her lines all the time with them so she knew she could look at them if she got too nervous. Right before her first act, the girl she beat out passed and said, “break a leg” in a rude voice. It was time now; the curtains opened to her first scene. Things went really well and she was doing great. It came up to her first singing solo and something she never thought would happen, happened. Her microphone went out. She didn’t know what to do, so she sang as loud as she could. She blew the crowd away with her beautiful voice. After her first act, she got a round of applause. The night went so well. So many people came and complimented her on such a wonderful performance. She had never felt so alive in her life.

Real Friend

Today was the big day; it was her first day as a middle schooler. She was starting her first day of sixth grade today. She was really nervous, but super excited at the same time. So many mixed emotions running through her head as she waited out by her new bus stop. What if she couldn’t figure out how to open her locker? What if she couldn’t find one of her classes? This would be the first time she wasn’t in one classroom for the whole day. She started to get really nervous until she saw her friend on the bus. She was so relieved she wouldn’t have to walk in by herself. They got to school and went to find their lockers to put their stuff away. As it turns out, her and her friend had their first class together. She knew that no matter what now, at least she had one class with a friend. Now it was time for lunch and she could finally use the bathroom. She went to the bathroom to find out that she had started her period for the first time and it had gone through her pants. She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t leave the restroom. Finally, her friend came looking for her. She explained what had happened to her friend, and she ran to her locker to get her gym clothes. She gave her the gym shorts even though she hadn’t been to gym class yet. She knew she could possibly get counted off for not having her clothes, but she couldn’t let her friend go through that. After all that happened and they got on the bus again, they were both relieved the first day was over.

The Perfect Storm

It was an incredibly hot day and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to avoid it. He had a job that required him to work outside; he worked for a lawn service. This was his second summer working with them, and he really didn’t like it. What he did like was his pay checks. He made a good amount each week for it just being his summer job. He just really didn’t like being outside when it was as hot as it was out. He also hated that the younger guys, like him, had to use push mowers while the more experienced older workers got to use the riding ones. Sometimes he really wanted to quit, but he knew he couldn’t rely on his parents to put gas in his car anymore or even for his phone bill. They were trying to teach him responsibility even though his dad made over six figures a year and his mom had a job as well. He tried to think of positive things while he worked, but it was just so hot and it wasn’t even the hottest part of the day yet. All he could think about was the heat and how he had already sweated through his shirt. Then all the sudden, the clouds started to cover the sun. He couldn’t believe it. Next, they all heard a loud crack of thunder and before he knew it, it was pouring down rain. He had never been so thankful for a storm in his life.


It was spring time, and baseball season was finally here. He had been waiting all year long for this, for tryouts because he got cut the year before. He knew it wasn’t because he was bad, but the baseball team at his high school went to state almost every year. Ever since he got cut, he had been training to get better. He even began seeing a personal trainer to get stronger. He was a pitcher and you had to be really good to make the team, and this year he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. He knew he was better than last year.

Tryouts started Monday, and he felt like his day took forever to get to last school bell. He got ready to give it all he had. They all warmed up together then got placed in different groups. He was killing it. He could tell the coaches were impressed by how much he had improved. He had put his all into getting better and right now, it was paying off. There was only one more thing to prove, his pitching skills. He stepped up to the mound and threw his first pitch. It was a heater! Right into the catcher’s mitt at almost 90 miles per hour! The coaches were amazed. He was amazed with himself. He continued through the next couple days of tryouts and on Friday, they posted the list of people that made the team. He scanned down the list and he found his name towards the bottom. He had finally accomplished his goal and couldn’t have been happier.

Summer Job

He had finally gotten his first summer job! He was going to begin working at the local Dairy Queen. He had so many great memories going there to celebrate Little League wins in the summer or even for a dessert after dinner with his family. He couldn’t wait to start and finally not have to rely on his parents every time he wanted to go to the movies or go other places with his friend.

It was his first day, and he showed up fifteen minutes early to be sure he wasn’t late. Once he arrived, the manager gave him his shirt and hat to work. He went and put it on and he already felt more grown up. His first job; he couldn’t believe it. The training was about to start for him to learn the ropes of Dairy Queen. They began with the basics of making a simple cone with the Dairy Queen swirl. At first his cones weren’t coming out very good, but he finally got the hang of it. They next trained him on how to make banana splits, dipped cones, and other basic sundaes. He was feeling pretty good and was catching on very fast. It finally came down to the one of the only things left to learn, the Blizzard. He went up to the machine and put the cup of ice cream and cookie dough underneath it. He turned it on and leaned the cup a little too far forward and it made a huge mess all over his shirt! He felt so silly, but the manager made things better by letting him know he wasn’t the first. Overall, he had a fun, exciting first day.

Birthday Blizzard

It had been snowing all day and night. Her birthday party was scheduled for the next day and she was so happy she was going to have her friends over to celebrate it. They were going to play games all day and have a sleepover. She had even made her mom promise not to let her little sister bother her while her friends were there. Her sister was six and she was turning ten.

The next day, her birthday had finally come. When she woke up she was so excited! She had been waiting for this all week. She goes in the kitchen to find her mother on the phone. She decided to go get ready and change into the outfit she had picked out for her special day. Once she came back downstairs, her mother looked as if she had something to say, and finally she told her. She explained to her that her friends were not coming today for her birthday. It had snowed so much that people were not to be on the road unless it was for emergencies. She felt so heartbroken. She had been looking forward to this all week, as soon as her mother agreed to the birthday sleepover. They had went and got special snacks and such to share with her friends.

When her younger sister heard the news she felt bad for her big sister. She went in the freezer, grabbed some ice cream sandwiches they had bought for her party, and sat next to her. Her little sister brightened her birthday that she thought had been ruined.

Hollywood Dreams

He had finally decided to follow his dreams. He had always dreamed of becoming an actor, and now, he was finally going to try to make it on the big screen. He was going to Hollywood hoping for the best. His uncle was in the business so he got him an audition for a television show that would soon be airing. He had just finished college with a degree in business, not even what he really wanted to do with his life. He was taking a really big chance by just packing up and going across the country for an audition. He wasn’t sure how many people would be there. He was nervous ever since his uncle called him about the part. His parents disapproved of the whole situation. They wanted him to get a decent desk job at his father’s company and work his way up the ladder. He had quite different aspirations, and it was hard to know that the two people that were closest to him did not support him. He finally made it and was waiting in a room outside where the actual audition took place. He heard his name called and went back to the room to read the lines. After, he felt he did well.

He stayed in Los Angeles with this uncle and a couple weeks had passed. He hadn’t heard anything and kept asking his uncle. His uncle was not in control of that part so he stopped pestering him. Finally, he got a call. He got the part. His dreams were finally coming true!

Santa Siting

It was Christmas Eve, and she was so excited. They were getting ready to head over to grandma’s house for the day, but she was going to be a big girl and stay the night. She packed her bag with her pajamas and her stuffed teddy bear, Bumpy. She couldn’t sleep without Bumpy. Grandma’s house was always a good time on Christmas Eve. They went over earlier afternoon to begin the festivities with baking and decorating cut-out cookies. She wanted to make her cookies as perfect as possible because she knew Santa would be coming. So time passed, they made cookies and had a nice dinner. It was about time for most of the family to go home except her and one of her other cousins. Once everyone left, her grandma got them ready for bed and let them stay up to watch one more Christmas movie, but she had a plan. She was going to stay up all night to see Santa. During the movie, she fell asleep. She woke up quickly and could see that the digital clock said 2:34 A.M. She decided to check the kitchen and see if the cookies were gone, but they weren’t. She wondered how late Santa was out delivering presents. She then heard the door open, and she saw a man walk in with a long white beard and big, red suit. She could not believe her eyes; she was actually looking at the SANTA! She almost screamed for joy, but decided to sneak back to where she was sleeping and stay quiet. After all, she didn’t want to end up on the naughty list.


Day number eight stuck here on this stranded island. Still hard to believe we were out at sea when we knew a violent storm was rolling in. I’m still hoping someone; anyone will come within ear shot distance and hear our calls for help. Luckily, Roger was a boy scout back in his day. I have not a clue about how to survive without all the technology. He made us a fire, and we have both hunted for fish with spears we made out of tree branches. We also had to make a shelter, which was actually very hard. We first went to find things we could make a shelter with. This part wasn’t hard because the storm had caused a lot of debris, but making the shelter stand on its own was the challenge. Once we ended up on this island, we didn’t think we’d be here for over week. We for sure thought someone would’ve found us by now. We must be farther out to sea than we had thought. I just so happened to have a notebook in my bag. I thought I might sketch some of the scenery as we sailed. I never thought I would be using it to keep a journal as we wait for someone to find us. I have also been keeping track as the days go by, I think it helps keep me sane while we patiently play the waiting game.

Wedding Day Nerves

It was her big day, well their big day. Today was the day she was to be married to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Well… at least she thought. She had never been more nervous in her life. It’s like a shower of anxiety had washed over her just six hours before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. Before today, she was one-hundred percent positive she wanted to be with him, but why was she having these sudden feelings of doubt? She didn’t know what to do. Finally her best friend, also the maid of honor showed up to her room. Her friend could tell there was something wrong. So, they did like any best friends would do and sat down and talked about it. Next, her mother came in the room. Her mother and father had been married for forty years, so she asked her about how she was feelings. Her mother reassured her that this was normal, at least to her because she had felt the same day on her wedding day those years ago. Her mother described how she felt and she felt like she was describing herself. Suddenly she became less anxious. Talking with the closest women in her life made her realize that she was ready to take this next step. She began to actually feel excited about the wedding now. She was very happy she took the time to talk to her mom because even though she had these same feelings, she went through and they had a happy marriage ever since.